Portable Suspended Solid – Partech

740 Monitor and Soli-Tech 10 Sensor

The 740 Monitor provides, quick and accurate readings of Suspended Solids, Sludge Blanket Level, and Turbidity, via an intuitive menu structure from a totally portable package. The robust IP65 enclosure incorporates a security strap and protective case to prevent accidental dropping, impact damage and abrasion of the display surface. The display itself is a high contrast LCD that has been designed to work over a wide temperature range with no loss of clarity. A rugged carrying case holds the above, together with the measuring probe, cable, battery charger and instruction manual.


  • Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids
  • Returned Activated Sludge
  • Final Effluent
  • River Monitoring


  • Wide Sensor Range
  • Upto 10 different calibrations
  • Compact Robust Design
  • Carry Bag Included


  • Quick and Easy Suspended Solids
  • Measurement
  • Multiple sites with one monitor