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We are Manufacturer and Distributor of Laboratory Furniture & Provide of Laboratory Layout, Design & Workflow Services Products Include : Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, High Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Laboratory tables, Sinks, Water & Gas Fixtures, Waste Fittings, Electrical

Raise Your Quality and Lower Your Budget

Budget Capabilities Include :
Development of Laboratory Designs from User Concepts Through Manufacturing & Installation


We will gather all the information from the smallest to concept details, then return with conceptual drawings and estimates with no obligation.
We turn your needs, concern, safety requirements and concepts into details, solutions, designs and a laboratory that is exactly what customer wants.

Storage Cabinet – Ecosafe

For flammable products with fire resistance

Range 7.90 - Model 791

Range 7.90 - Model 792

Range 7030 - Model 7031

Range 7030 - Model 7032

Range 2 - Model SB04

Range 2 - Model SB18

For flammable products

For high-corrosive products

Range 6 - Model SV30

Range 6 - Model

Range 8.A - Models APC31 and APC61

Range 8.B - Models APC32 and APC62

For corrosive products

Range 4 – Model B18S

Range 6 – Model AC30