Incubator – HanYang

Incubator HanYang Distinction

  • Airtight door : Soft operating airtight damper equipped door to avoid shake of the test samples
  • Slide magnetic : Stainless magnetic for observation window Door to avoid accidental opening
  • One touch open : Easy one touch open door
  • Glass door hinges : Functional design of the door hinges


  • Accurate temperature controls by Digital PID controller
  • Controller select time scale (59 minute 59 second, 99 hour 59 minute, 99 day 23 hour)
  • In case of temperature sensor disconnection, error message appear
  • Alarm rings when timer end
  • In case of difference between real temperature and appeared temperature, user can adjust correctly
  • When controller setting value is changed by the mistake of operation, save and recall function can restore it easily
  • User can adjust temperature not to raise up certain degree from installed temperature
  • Internal tempered glass and easy observation of the test materials by opening the external door only
  • Buffering device to enhance door adherence for insulation
  • Cable hole to use external measurement equipment