Glassware Washer – Steelco

Laboratory Glassware Washing System

Steelco is at the forefront of innovation and technological progress in the Washer Disinfector area. In the last few years we have worked to become a major force for cleaning and disinfection in the healthcare, laboratory, lifescience and pharmaceutical sectors developing a complete range of reliable washer disinfectors and automations focused on operator safety and higher productivity.

Steelco Laboratory Glass Washers are at the forefront of knowledge and research guaranteeing the user tested and consistently ef”cient washing results.


  • Up to four liquid dispensing systems are included for detergent dosing.
  • Three water connections are available, cold, warm and DI water. Between each cleaning and disinfection phase water is drained and fresh water is introduced for the following phase. Boiler for pre-heating of DI water option is available.
  • The triple water “ltering system enables residue to be captured and not recirculated and saves the pump life.
  • Double wall construction and excellent insulation reduce heat loss and power consumption.
  • Large capacity of water softener for a continuous supply of softened water available.
  • Water puri”cator system available.