Freeze Dryer – Hinotek

Freeze-Drying System

Freeze-drying machine applies a technical method by which moisture-bearing samples frozen in advance become dry in the vacuum owing to vaporizing away the moisture. The samples frozen can be well- storage for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered without losing their original biochemical properties. The freeze-drying technology is especially ideal for those bio-products sensitive to antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzymes and hormones. This machine is also suitable for sample freezing experiments in labs and small-scale production.


  • Accord with international standards of Green environmental friendly
  • 7″ True-color Touch Screen, Chinese English Bilingual Interface, display drying curve and history curve
  • Udisk Can store agelyophilized data
  • Upload software can print curve;
  • Embedded cir cuit design, 128 M FLASH, can save dozen times Lyophilized data;
  • Large opening trap, no coil inside, with samples pre-freeze function
  • Imported refrigeration compressor, low noise
  • Cold trap and control panel were made by stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean
  • Transparent Bell type drying room, secure and ocular
  • Stainless steel sample holder, common sample plate spacing adjustable
  • Small size and easy to operate
  • Nitrogen inflation valve within