COD Meter – Suntex

Precise digital temperature control & safety-first design

The TR-1100 features seven pre-set common programs to ease the lab work. It is also allows an user-tailored program for repeated custom procedure. The digital display provides precise temperature setting.


  • Ideal tube tests for COD, TOC, Total nitrogen, total phosphate, total phosphate, total chromium, etc.
  • COD and specialized tasks in wastewater treatments and laboratories
  • PPS board fully insulated heater block
  • Program started with auto or manual mode selectable after pre-heating
  • Auto stop & buzzer alarm when end of running time
  • Easy and friendly to use
  • Large LCD screen with status LED indicators
  • Light and sound alarm to indicate complete of digestion
  • Seven pre-stored and one user defined programs with pre-heating function
  • Automatically back to last mode when powering on
  • Built-in real time clock
  • Overheating protection device